Winter wood


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Oct 19, 2007
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What do you guys think of this shot?

The tone range seems a bit narrow, and I don't find the shot particularly interesting.

Was that shot in the morning? 'Cuz that would have been a much funnier title!
If you can re-shoot the subject, try shifting 90 degrees to the right and putting the snow in the foreground and then focus on the knot in the wood.
Thanks guys for your input, I think I will make another trip up that way and will take your suggestions :)
Will you please remove this image, Myopia? That's horribly interject one of your photos into someone else's thread.
Oh come on max, they are just comparing their wood...:sexywink::lol:
Will you please remove this image, Myopia? That's horribly interject one of your photos into someone else's thread.

remove this? i will if the creator of the threads calls me out on hijacking, but hijacking was not the intent, which i believe is obvious if you were to read one of my previous posts stating that a horizontal version might look better, and this is my attempt at such. no- it's not a shot worth showing off, but that is not what my post was for! this is my example of the horizontal viewpoint...
"horribly rude"- i dont think this qualifies as even in the same ballpark as rudeness- in fact it is on opposite pole. you are being way too dramatic. this was also my "Attempt" (which i labeled it as), which does not imply interjection, but rather homage. i remember you from previous posts where all you have contributed is drama. who appointed you forum sheriff ?
Common courtesy says that threads contain only images from the OP (unless it's a theme thread of some type). By all means link to the image if you wish to emphasise a particular point, but as you haven't actually made a point, even this would be of debatable merit in this instance.

Can I also ask you to remove your image from this thread.
I think this shot is great because it looks magical and you really do captured it well. I also like the way you turned the picture into black and white. keep it up! :)
I'm glad no one saw the thread where I accidentally posted a picture below the OP's original post... :spank: :angel: whoops

well at least you didn't do it to max_bloom. you might have received another audition for the high school play.

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