Wire, wool and snow


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Feb 16, 2006
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A close-up of all three lit by sun off snow-covered ground.
For more information about this photograph (and some thoughts from when I took it) go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

again one of my favorite things to comment on Good composition lines and texture. When you shoot for it, the results nag at the mind after you close the picture. Lots of things I see these days are framed wrong (in my opinion based on nothing at all) but this one isn't. If there was ever a shot, that screamed horizontal frame this one is it. The texture and contrasts between it is quite striking.

I hope you weren't looking for suggestions for improvement I can't help at all. i wouldn't change a thing.
Thanks again mysteryscribe. Like you, I'm very interested in composition. If you read my blog articles you'll find me talking about it frequently. Maybe it comes from some training in the history of art and architecture. Maybe it's because I like to draw. I don't post anything on this forum, or on the Olympus forum over at dpreview, where I also post, that doesn't have a composition that satisfies me.

I look forward to more of your comments on my daily posts!

Regards, Tony
It is a treat, every day, to come here and look for the newest photo by "tb2", and to then go and read your thoughts on it!
Not only are you a very good photographer with a brilliant "eye" (I also love your site on the Lancaster Churches!!!), but also a good thinker and story writer!
I love this shot - and it looks as if the wire has provided some itch relief to a few sheep!
My very first photography teacher was a painter working at a community college to buy more paints. It is my roots as well. To steal your interest a second.. The camera paper or memory card is a tool, the house is build in the mind of the man using them. Okay maybe not him personally but you get the picture lol

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