With these apples I will fail to amaze you.

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Mar 23, 2015
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Drab and dark outside today so just playing around in the living room. Three shots blended with more than a passing reference (unashamed plagiarism) to a well known painting:
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Love the thread title as much as the pic!
Love the thread title as much as the pic!

Thanks, spent yesterday afternoon in the Scottish National Gallery and was amazed (as I always am) at how these old masters could bring fairly muted colours to the front of an image with the impression of light. So this little experiment is about keeping the foreground and apples fairly muted against the rich saturated red of the curtain (I still don't fully understand).

The title (as you've guessed) is a play on Cezanne's "I will astonish Paris with an apple." The plagiarised image is "Still life with basket of apples," (missing the basket and I only had three apples ;)). Cezanne was the fore-runner of Cubism. When he painted his still life he would 'bob around', lean to the left and right, stand on tip-toes or duck down and include the differing viewpoints in the painting. If you look at "Still life with basket of apples" and try to trace the lines of both the front and back of the table from left to right you will see this as they clearly don't join up. I've combined three identical exposures from slightly different viewpoints to try and replicate this for a bit of fun and to see if I could learn something. Each apple is from a slightly different viewpoint and the only other object that's 'complete' in it's perspective is the background curtain.
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That's life. International fame and fortune is denied because you were short of apples that day. "An apple. An apple. My kingdom for an apple." And it ain't plaguerizim. It's a tribute.
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