Wolf/Bear Encounter


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May 25, 2010
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Helena, Montana, USA
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I posted a wolf kill from North Twin Lake in Yellowstone Park last week. As I continued to review my files from that incident, I came across these two photos that I liked. This was the encounter where a grizzly took an elk kill from the Canyon Pack on October 19, 2008. One of the most fantastic events I've ever witnessed in the wild...

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I doubt photos can REALLY convey how it felt to you to be witness of these scenes in person and to be seeing this with your own eyes!

But they're good photos, nonetheless! Thanks for sharing!
Really like that second shot! Its moving away from the animal portrait that we so often see and providing an interesting glance into the interactions between two predators. I'll bet that you must have other frames (as well as memories) of that encounter and of the bear and wolf's reactions to each other - such material whilst possibly not as commercial artistically, would be fantastic in a journalistic sense - I would consider it worth the time to process others from the series to aid telling the story - if nothing but for your memories.
That had to be really awesome to see so close.

I totally agree with overread. Pictures (I get) never seem to do these moments justice.
That is an amazing capture I can only imagine being there for that! Wow!

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