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Dec 5, 2005
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I have become obsessed with negative treatments lately. What do you think?
wow those are really great pics.. i like the first one best.. how did you make the 3rd photo negative?
Nice shots but where is the location? It looks like it is out in the middle of Field.
Nice set here.. I like the second best.. BUT very close to the third which is neat..

Lullabye,,,, Im not sure how this was done here... BUT in Paint Shop Pro there is an option to change a photo into a negative side.. :)
Nice shot. I think they could use more contrast. An easy way to make it negeative in photoshop is to invert it, (ctrl+i). If you duplicate the layer and invert it, and then set its blend mode to color, you'll just invert the colors, which is also interesting.
Thanks Matt. I tried to get some more contrast via curves layer, but I just kept losing all the detail in the sculpture (what there is of it anyway). I even tried to mask off the sculpture in that layer, but I couldn't get rid of the halos it created. Any ideas? Feel free to edit and post (as long as you tell me what you did!) if you like.
I have to say i like the first one best. I think there's already so little colour in it, that the colour one works really well.

But then, thats just my two-penneth
Thnks guys.. i never knew about that negative effect and i agree that it look better without the stand

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