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Dec 4, 2015
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I think I need to change up my workflow. I shoot with a 6D, and then upload to iphoto ( i think that is my first issue)...Im not so sure my photos are staying RAW (always shoot raw), but turn in to jpegs??

Then I open from iphoto in to photoshop cs5 where I do all my editing...if any.

I assume there are a LOT better workflows out there. Ive heard of lightroom.

Please lecture me.
Youtube search lightroom tutorials (start with importing images), you don't need anything else then come back with
more specific questions. Most of use use just that.
When do you have a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage)? That's usually one of the first things I do.
I stopped drinking waday......go figure:)

Thanks DB_Cro....That is what I figured, I will buy lightroom.
You must be thirsty. ;) I don't always go for alcohol, but I usually have something--coffee, hot tea, cold tea, soda, water, etc. :)

I second Lightroom. I very much dislike iPhoto.
Yeah Ive been waiting to long an change to get lightroom. I feel the iphoto path is actually hurting the potential quality of my pictures now.
I'd recommend using the Canon software that came with your camera (or could be downloaded free). There is something in there called (I think) EOS capture which automatically imports raw files without messing with them. DPP is a good raw converter which is also provided, or you could use ACR which is part of PS.
Reading your reply Ken make me realize just how little I actually know.....Scary really. hehe. I really like to take photos, but I really want to learn everything about post processing.
I feel the iphoto path is actually hurting the potential quality of my pictures now.
You have to take iPhoto out of the path altogether. Make your import default go directly to Lightroom. (or EOS, or DPP or ACR) I don't know what EOS or DPP are, but ACR stands for "Adobe Camera Raw".

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