working on metering and correct exposure please


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Aug 17, 2010
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can you take a look at the following photos and let me know if you think the exposure is close to being correct? (Photos are nothing special, just trying to practice with light and metering, no flash - all natural light)

thanks in advance.



#3 (this one is over exposed, I metered on their faces and I think I should have metered off the sky, correct?)

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1 is pretty great.

2 is a bit underexposed and the focus is off.

3 is overexposed.

4 is maybe possibly slightly underexposed, but I'd be happy with that exposure.

Of course any advice or opinion on the internet is to be taken with a grain of salt. If you're not trying to make living off of it, it's all about making yourself happy anyway, right?
Images look fine to me. Unfortunately with digital, images sometimes look only as good as the monitor you view them on. Perhaps viewing the histogram of each image will give you more accurate information.
Thanks guys, I appreciate all the feedback. :thumbup:
1. Exposure is good, however WB is too cold (blue).

2. Slightly, maybe 1/3 of a stop under-exposed, and again WB is a bit cold.

3. Exposure looks good on this one, as does WB. No, you should not have metered the sky, that would have left you with very dark, under-exposed skin tones. Did you use wide area or spot-metering?

4. Not showing.
sorry about not repling sooner, work got in the way.

tirediron - I see what you mean about the WB, on my monitor at work they look a little cooler than on my monitor at home. I spot-meter.

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