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Feb 1, 2010
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Monroe, Michigan
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So the new chic thing to do nowadays is to have a "trash the dress" session after the wedding and reception is over. The reasoning is thus: You spent all this money on a dress that you will, most likely, never wear again (even if you got married again, you're going to get a different dress, right?). You might as well get some more awesome pics with it on before you stuff it into the closet forever.

If you google "trash the dress", you find some rather extreme shots; dresses on fire, jumping in mud, and so on. It's a very creative way to kick-off your marriage.

Anyways, my friend Rebecca (who is happily married) dug out her old wedding dress (complete with missing strap and fabric tears) and had me take a bunch of themed pictures. She decided we shouldn't utterly ruin the dress, so instead we did a bunch of shots in places that, you know, a bride shouldn't be going to in her nicest attire. The title of the series is "worst day ever".

I had a lot of fun with it and think some of the shots are freakin' awesome. I'm a bit biased, though. What do you think?

(full set) worst day ever




A "leg up" on the railing of the bridge shot would have really completed your theme.

I like the pictures as well. :D
I checked out the set. Again, fun stuff. You got a few gems in there. I think my favorite is this one:


I like the slight angle here. Love the silohuette.
Another one I like is "Sass"

The ones of her laying on the tracks kinda fail the theme cuz she is smiling.
i did it with my wife, a week after the wedding....it was a fun shoot!
Nice.. i like them. Some of the shots she smiled a little lol.
I'll have to try the themed shoot...sounds like fun...thanks for sharing these with us, loads of fun looking through them...
Atleast she is drinking good beer!!!!!
I dunnno.. I drink Guinness only on a good day. I go straight to the liquor if it is bad.
I love this series! I would never in a million years have thought to do that! The shot on the bridge sort of looks like she is being impaled...not sure if that is one I'd keep, but the one at the table, drinking a Guiness is my favorite! I can see this as a tacky ad for a divorce attorney!
I see the OP is from Monroe, where abouts is that bridge?? I'm about an hour out of Monroe, and I think that would be a really good place for shots (as you proved)...

BTW, I really got a good laugh out of the middle finger shot in the full set....overall great shoot!


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