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    Hi, I have been working with duotone techniques -- the engineering side, in writing an editor.

    I have created some duotones, and I would greatly appreciate knowing what you think.

    I'll post two here, and the rest can be found on flickr at


    There aren't too many traditional duotones in this set. I've been working on more edge techniques, to see what I can get away with, so I can make the duotoning process as powerful and effective as possible.

    If you can point me to some awesome duotones I can take a look at, that would be great, too.

    Here are a couple here, both from black-and-white sources (one from a desaturated color picture, and the other from an original black-and-white)

    (I did not take these pictures)

    A two-color duotone:


    A one-color duotone (where I took some popularization license, for some unknown reason):


    This particular duotone has one color hue throughout the entire image. I have a split/two-color duotone that looks more photorealistic, but I thought this was more intrinsically interesting being one color throughout -- I just think it's amazing that you could print this with a single ink.

    Anyway, thanks for looking.



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