Would like opinions on which photo(s) to submit to local Fall Fair


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Jul 16, 2013
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Hi there,
I am new to the forum and look forward to opinions/gentle critique on my photos :)
I would like to submit a few photos to our local fall fair.

Please let me know your thoughts on which photos might be good to submit. The categories are people, landscape, plants, and black and white.

$007.jpg$shipyard.jpg$Sophie.JPG$703.JPG$730.JPG$beauty.jpg$Faneuil Hall and lights.jpg$ferris wheel lomo.jpg$flower saturated.jpg$ottawa river.jpg Thank you very much,
FWIW I personally like the Ferris Wheel and the flower next to it! I wish there was a bit more space at the bottom of the flower picture though. But I still like it!!
My favorite shot is the grey door. BUT...you cut the top off the door...and the girl...and the steeple with the bridge behind it. Tanya7x noted you didn't leave enough space below the flower shot, which I agree to. Bottom line...you need to shoot 'wider'. Leave some 'breathing room' around your subject. For what it's worth, I tend to shoot too-wide and then crop nearly every shot a bit.
Ferris wheel.
Lightly critique .... must work on composition .... Good Luck!
Hi there - thanks everyone. I hadn't seen the issue of the close cropping before. Funny how you get used to your own stuff and don't notice your not so good areas! Richichi, when you refer to composition, are you meaning I need to work on the too close cropping? Or are you seeing other things that could be better?

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