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Overall it's a decent image and very close to being a real keeper. I like the angle from which you shot her, and that's a great capture of her smile (it doesn't seem too forced to me).

The two biggest drawbacks to me are:
-It's overexposed. Between the white hat and large areas of her face (cheeks, chin, T-zone), there is too large a blown-out area. It does make her eyes stand out, however...if this is the effect you were trying for (kind of a dreamy, high key-ish look), it would be fine with me if not for the bright pink and yellow of her shirt. If these were pastels like the upper right corner, then the over-brightness could work.
-I don't like how her right eye is just barely cut off. It looks like her left eye is horizontally dead center - I'd rather see this eye a little off center in order to get the other one completely in frame, which would better present the image as being of the face rather than that one eye being the subject.

Having a daughter myself I know it can be hard to shoot kids and get them to be still enough to get "that shot" without looking forced. Good job, and keep shooting her!

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