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Mar 11, 2009
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I'm reposting this because I was really looking for some CC, but the title of my other thread didn't really make that known. Forgive me if you've already seen it.

In addition to the brick wall, what do you think of this site as a possible location for my hair guy who wants something "artsy and urban"? Last week when my hair was processing, I looked out the back window and saw the alley behind it, and today, Leesy and I went over there and I took a few shots. What do you think?




The color fading on the green wall are really interesting.

The thing I would watch out for is that new door and window. They look out of place if you're looking for an urban decay type photo.

Did you bump the sats here? My eyes could be buggy from looking at brown and white for the last six months, but that looks reeeally green. But I'm assuming here you're not looking for cc on these particular photos just the subject right?
Color fading concept is intersting..the shaping of windoes are also good..
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I'm not an expert by any means, but I would like to see in photo #1 is the red object on the left cropped off as well as the red bucket and downpipes on the right. Also, a little less color. Very interesting subject.
I like the composition of the second one the most (might need some horizontal leveling though). Somehow I feel the third dimension ruins it in the other photographs, although the first one would be more interesting if there was no staircase to the far right, and the staircase on the left was fully in the frame.
It's an interesting subject, I'd suggest experimenting a bit more with it.
Are you looking for C&C on the actual pictures or on the location?

Are the walls really that color? Or did you do something in PP?

Funky looking place.
Interesting subject but it looks like you were a bit heavy-handed in post processing. The colors are noticably skewed to the point of looking like it was in error. (Which is what Sam is pointing out) Stuff like this is tough... if you accentuate just slightly too much you can cross the line where it looks like an error, but if you push it further, it becomes an artistic choice. :)

By the way, I think you've found a great place to shoot but didn't necessarily capture the right elements in these shots. Much of this looks like more of an inventory shoot, where I can see a whole bunch of individual elements that, by themselves, will make interesting pictures, but you're not directly focusing on any one.

Go back there and look at the scene and try to figure out what specific elements are really calling your attention to this place, and then try to frame them in interesting ways. Look for dramatic lighting and interesting angles. Cool textures and patterns. Etc.

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