Would you give your RAW file away??

Give the RAW file??

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Nov 13, 2008
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So I did a TF shoot w/ this girl from model mayhem and after the shoot, she asked me what the model release form was, and I explained to her. Then she signed for it. Then when had a long convo while I drove her home about relationships between a photographer and a model and what she should expect. Then once I drop her off, she said "can I also have the files??" and w/out thinking I said "yeah sure"............

Stupid idea? I told her all about why most photographers wouldn't. I told her I don't care as much because she signed the release form. But all in all, we have built a good relationship and we're going to do more shoots coming up soon.

What would you guys do in my situation? I think if an other models ask, I'm just going to say no straight up. I don't know why I didn't this time. :confused:
By files though, you didn't specify RAW right? Give low res jpegs and explain that you gave them as a way for her to see what could be improved for nexttime.

As for other models yes, I don't think giving the files away is as smart especially full-res or RAWs. Anyone can get photoshop and a few google searches for tutorial can completely alter a photo. If you give away files; safe way I think would be low res or watermarked images.
Short answer is no, long answer is 'it depends'.

It would have to be VERY worth my while to hand over negs/RAWs.
I'm betting you money this girl has no idea what a RAW file is. She probably wants JPEGs.

More and more photographers are giving their clients the JPEGs and allowing them to print/use them on their own. It's a very seductive approach because it means you don't have to deal with the printing and you just charge and upfront fee for your packages, hand the images off, and move on.

The only real concern I see with that is the problem of people going to some place crappy to get their prints and your reputation being sullied as a result.

Anyway... regardless... I'd never hand over a RAW. Customer wouldn't know what to do with it, and if they managed to figure it out they would do nothing but screw it up and get mad at you.

JPEG maybe. Processed TIFF possibly. Never RAW.
No don't give her the RAWs, but give her like a 2Mp Jpeg of them all.

Also...you drove her home and talked about the relationship between photographer and model? Weird lol
Thanks guys, I earned my lesson. I will not give anyone else RAW files. She knows how to use photoshop although it didn't let her open the files. But I'm pretty sure she'll figure it out. Now she's all friends w/ me so she will call me for help. I guess I don't mind w/ her and nothing I can do at this point. I told her if you edit the pics just make sure you give credit to the photog. She said she would. I guess w/ future clients, will not give RAW files.
i love it how 15 / 0 people said "hell no" heh
It's 18 people by now.
And I have never given away my negatives, either, in film days, they are all still here, good and bad. No one ever got my negatives for ANYTHING.
The same now applies to RAW files.
I do make CDs with smaller (but still large enough to fill an entire screen) jpegs, though. So people can get their own prints whenever they want.
I've given away RAW files for some of the volunteer work I've done. And I am completely comfortable with that. But there are definitely instances where I wouldn't.
Not that I have Clients or enter into legal contracts concerning my photographs, but I'd be another hell no :p

The most i would do (and have done) is give someone a CD with each photograph cropped once for 8x10, once for 4x6, and once for 3x5; then depending on the individual or situation i'd decide what resolution i'd give 'em. if you're worried about someone turning around and PPing your photos and using them in an unfair way drop the dpi at which you export down and they can't do anything significant with them.. or simply watermark buut i prefer the low res. approach myself.

My rationale since I'm not in it for money would be reputation. I don't take incredible photographs but if something of mine were floating around, i would like it to be the best representation of my work as a matter of pride. I often argue with my sister when i take performance pictures at her various dance competitions when she says "just give me all of them" or "it doesn't matter what they look like" because it matters to me, so i give her low resolution jpegs of what i feel are the best shots, because i know they'll wind up all over facebook.
So people can get their own prints whenever they want.

Yeah that's what I was thinking when I gave them, that since it's TFCD shots, it didn't matter to me as much, as long as I got to use the images for my portfolio in various places. However, I told her if this was a paid shoot, she wouldn't have gotten it and she agreed.
I'd have no problem giving away the jpgs, but not the RAWs.
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Why would you even consider doing that? Never GIVE away raw files. Jeeze.

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