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Dec 19, 2008
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East Lansing, MI
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I'm looking for a very gently used SB-600 that someone is interested in selling. I know I could probably find something on eBay, but I would rather deal with people on TFP before I resort to other means. Would also consider SB-800s too, but I do not have a large budget. Please reply with PMs with offers and pictures along with a brief history of use.


post closed. no longer need. thanks.
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With the recent announcements that both will be discontinued...... good luck. Even if I were to go with studio lights, I'm keeping my SB's.

I bought a used SB-800 off B&H for a fair price.
i am in talks with someone about an SB-800 for 250 used. I will let you know if i don't get it :mrgreen:. I am just still deciding between a 85mm 1.8d or another flash....
sigh, pickings are slim out there. i'm starting to wonder if i should just buy a brand new one
I just picked up my SB-600 two weeks ago. It's worth the full retail price. Great flash
I have a SB-600 Nikon Flashes going for $300.00 + S&H


msg me if you are interested at [email protected]

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