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WTS: Redrock Micro M2 Lens Adapter Complete Package: HD Edition - Brand New


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Mar 4, 2012
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Orlando, Fl.
Hello, Photo Forum!
These were purchased as back-up components for our productions and were never used. Everything in this listing is brand new and has only been removed from its original packaging for the pictures in this listing. We are currently upgrading our cameras and will no longer have a real need for this equipment to be on hand. This is an excellent investment if you are looking to add a true cinematic look and feel to your productions for a low price.
Includes everything pictured: $IMG_0141.JPG$IMG_0142.JPG$IMG_0143.JPG$IMG_0144.JPG$IMG_0145.JPG$IMG_0146.JPG$IMG_0147.JPG
  • M2 Cinema Lens Adapter
  • 72mm HD Achromat
  • SLR Lens Mount
  • 2 18" Stainless Steel Iris Rods
  • Support System
  • microFollow Focus
  • 4 Lens Gears
  • 3" Whip
  • 12" Whip
  • 18" Whip
  • Lens Support
  • microPowerPod
  • Redrock Hard Mount Kit
  • Shim Kit
  • 82mm-72mm Step-Down ring
  • 52mm Nikon SLR Lens
I'm looking for $1,500 for everything. The package is currently on sale from RedRock for $2,175. So, you save $675. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 States. You can contact me by PM'ing, e-mailing [email protected], or posting on this thread. Please feel free to ask questions!Thank you!- Nathan(This is also for sale in an auction on E-Bay. Please look here if the pictures don't work.)
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