X-Acto blades


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Oct 31, 2007
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Cedar Hill, Texas
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There is an annoying scratch (bottom of frame) that I still have to clone out - just pretend that isn't there for now...

What do you think...?
Thanks, Bitter!
It's a little too.. straight on. Boring. I wish there was a better angle or more creative composition.

The 'straightness' and repetitiveness of it was kinda the point. I personally don't find it boring, but I can see how others might.
as interesting as it seams, i feel like its a tad out of focus or just not sharp enough.
It's definitely 'in focus'. It was shot on Fuji Neopan SS 100, which isn't exactly what I would call 'fine grain', so that may be what you're seeing affecting the sharpness.

I might rescan this ... I feel that it could use a boost in contrast. Might also help it look sharper...
Thanks for sharing!
Nice shot; I like it.
What have you done for sharpening? Have you tried frequency separation then a curves layer on the HF layer? It will bring out any grain in the image too though (you can mask sections out from being sharpened though)
Just some USM... I may just rescan it later and see what I can do for sharpening...
Hey ... that looks like "art".

I like it.
For some reason this reminds me of Andy Warhol ... but I do not know why.

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