Yakima Canyon


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Feb 10, 2012
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Yakima, WA
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Once again, not entirely pleased with the result of my outing, but here are some examples for suggestions. Most are HDR, though I don't suppose they really needed to be aside from correcting my problems with exposure. When I get in the field, I think I tend to be in a hurry (especially when I have my 4-year old in a backpack on my back) and don't take time to think about what I'm doing. I'm about halfway through Understanding Exposure, but it doesn't seem to have helped me out much :)


Lonesome Tree by RxForB3, on Flickr

Obvious HDR. The tree washed out more than I wanted it to, but I don't know...I guess I kinda like it. Probably shouldn't have had the tree in the smack center. Anything else?


Rodeo by RxForB3, on Flickr


Trapped by RxForB3, on Flickr


Spanner by RxForB3, on Flickr

To me this is overexposed, but then maybe this is the only correctly exposed one :) Really need to get off this laptop for editing!


Posting by RxForB3, on Flickr

Not sure about blurring the background in this case because the post isn't honestly that interesting, and the bridge might add to the interest. Also not sure that I like that I used the flash on the post. It makes it stand out from the other posts.


Natural Bridge by RxForB3, on Flickr

The only non-HDR aside from picture 5. I'm actually quite pleased with the exposure in this one. Now I just wish I knew exactly how I did it...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Scrap them all?
I'd say scrap them and chalk it up as a learning experience. You'll be able to go back again when there is better lighting. Skip the HDR stuff until you can get your exposures down. The Selah Creek Bridge you shot can be spectacular at the right angle later in the year when the sun sets farther north. This time of year unless you are shooting during the golden hour with clear skies to your back the lighting is just too flat.

I love trips through the Canyon and used to take the long way to see my daughter at CWU just to go through it and White Pass. Now that she's out of school it's harder for me to make excuses to get over there. It has what some say is the highest concentration of hawks, falcons and eagles flying off the basalt rock cliffs. I know there are a few golden eagles that nest in cliffs at the south end of the Canyon below the dam.
This was my first trip down there. Didn't even realize you COULD get down there. Do you know how far the trails go? I had my son on my back, which kind of limits how far I can go, but I'd like to go back again sometime and look further. Get closer to the bridge. I'd really like to try a time lapse of the bridge at night with the stars as the backdrop, but I think I'm a long ways from being able to do that with any success.

By the lighting being too flat, what do you mean? I'm not to the stage yet, I guess, that I would be able to tell.

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