Yard In Bloom


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Apr 25, 2006
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After a wet start to the day, it dried out enough to get some shots of my yard waking up from a winter rest.







Ahhh Spring......
Yes...spring is finally here! Can't wait for summer now. lol
I really love the lilacs.
No 2 is nice, it has the focus just right.
Unfortunately, you are still battling a bit with getting your focus right and all the other photos are a bit out of focus (not the last, I think, well, in that one it is not quite so pronounced) ... I don't know what camera you work with, Moanah, and I think I have commented like this on pics of your friend Jennifer before, but this is what is so obvious. Try to find the "macro button" on your camera somewhere (the icon usually is a flower) and switch that on when you move close to your flowers. If you use an auto focus, wait for your camera to beep or indicate in any way that it COULD focus on your flowers. If that beep (or other sign) doesn't come, move away a bit so you are in a range that you camera can cover. If if is a very simple camera, better not get this close but get a well-focused photo than moving in onto your subject too closely and get a soft photo.
Thanks Corinna, Sad to say that it was on macro, but I don't use the setting much and thought I would give it a try. at least I know what a soft photo means now. I have seen it on other's photos on the forum but did not really understand it until you explained it here. I am working on it though and that will help for sure!!!! I have a Nikon 8700, and have only had it for a few months. I am working on figuring out the settings and will just keep plucking along and hoping that you all will point out what I need to change!!
Thanks Again

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