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Jan 20, 2023
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I was out going to yard sales.....I came to this house and saw this car in the garage..... It was a young couple and the vibe was drugs pretty strong. But the guy had this look and I saw that car in the garage. I told him I was a photographer and I had a idea for a picture..... He said okay..... I call this my best James Dean.... I know that by rule, by specific rule his foot should be fully in frame or fully out...... I had a really really tight window to shoot in and this was no model it was just a guy trying to follow my direction......So it has technical flaws but I think the over all power of the image over comes those flaws.


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Thank you, I have some others from this, a few where I tried having him blow out some cigarette smoke but that was not as easy as I thought to make it look cool.
Couple points on uploading. If you upload your image to TPF then hover over the thumbnail of the attachment, at the top it will say insert giving you the option to insert as a full or thumbnail. If you use full then your image will be displayed as full without the viewer having to click on it. I use Flickr and link, because I find the images linked have less distortion, display more accurately and takes less time to upload, especially if I'm posting to multiple sites. To link an image go to the Flickr image>Share>BBCode. Copy the link displayed and simply paste it into your post on TPF.

I find the image interesting, good composition with the lines of the car creating leading lines for both the face and hand, keeping focus directed. I don't find the cropped foot overly distracting, usually don't worry much about limbs unless it's at a joint. This could be easily minimized with some vignetting. I tend to focus more on balancing the frame. I'm also an overly "eye" focused photographer, I want everything about the eye in such sharp focus I can count the eye lashes, following the belief that if the eyes are right everything else falls in place.

The only real niggles I have are it's at least a full stop underexposed, the white and black point need to be set, and the mixed lighting is causing some issues. In sticking with the James Dean theme, I'd probably convert to a B&W with an orange filter which would eliminate the mixed color temperature issues also.
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