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Jun 20, 2021
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I recently got a Yashica 124 as a gift. I looked up its owners manual and I found a PDF file. On the PDF it says that the shutter speed dial and the aperture dial have to line up, however this only works for one setting. The manual says if they don’t line up you should use a flash, but I don’t have one and will be shooting outside during the daytime. Do they have to line up or will it be fine if it doesn’t?


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I think you should read the manual again.
The system is called match-needle metering. As you adjust the aperture and shutter speed, the "tong" looking thing in the viewfinder moves. You want it to adjust shutter speed and aperture to make the tong sit exactly on the meter's line, which moves according to how much light is coming in. The dials don't line up with each other, the combination of settings on the dials lines up with the meter, and there should be any number of combinations that work. Turning either dial one direction should move the tong, and turning the dial in the opposite directipon should move the tong the other way. They both should move the tong when you adjust the dials, and it's up to you to find the combination of settings that makes the tong rest on the meter.

First off, does the meter move if you aim at areas with different amounts of light? Is there a battery in the camera? (That camera took a mercury battery, which you can't get any more, but there are substitutes available. Still, the meter requires a battery.)

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