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May 8, 2006
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Hi guys i am a complete noob :( but i want to get better so i thought i might post some of my photos for you to insult :meh: i used a fujifilm A350 (Yes i cant afford a digital SLR or a darkroom :( )




The last one was a weird experiment, i used no effects apart from auto levels
oh tut tut, stop criticizing yourself. these are really nice for a beginner, i liked them (thought your experimental one was neat, although i liked number two the best). the first one could have been good, i think the inverted colors was kind of pointless though. keep shooting!

we don't insult here usually, we just try to give good feedback when we can. for 'heavy' critique try the critique section, just make sure to read the rules first.
cool thanks for the advice man, its great to have some feedback. The first one was maybe a bit OTT but its my cat... what can you say lol :lmao:
Yeah, what Daniel said +1. We're a nice friendly bunch here! The crit forum is tough, but it is often worth it - it's worth emphasising "Read the rules first!" lol

Anyway, here's some feedback, which will hopefully be helpful:

1. The cat - hmm. I love the colours and the composition is good - used thirds and leading lines. However, to be harsh, it looks like a snapshot of the cat made good with heavy PS work.

2. A nice bottle of Rioja huh? There's some wine buffs here that would definitely approve! Good use of DOF. I feel you could perhaps have turned the leading cover so it was the same way up as the neck label? And perhaps either more or less dust? (sorry!) It's also pushing the composition boundary because of the central focal point.

3. Dried flowers in a basket? Again, this is a good shot with good DOF. Also compositionally, perhaps the focus is a little central? I think moving the shot about an inch right might have helped, filling the frame a little fuller perhaps?

4. Blurry. I really like this one - a sense of movement, pretty colours.

You've done really well to avoid the classic compact nasty pictures - you've got the framing and composition pretty good in all of them. They're sharp and all demonstrate appropriate depth of field - sometimes very hard with a compact.

Welcome to TPF David, and keep em coming!

yeh cheers rob for the feedback my other attempts will be up soon :lmao:

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