You can't swim without a pool!


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Apr 9, 2009
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You have to get wet if you want to learn to swim.

I ran across a great statement by the commercial photographer Kirk Tuck:

"You can't swim without a pool. You can't shoot without a camera. Don't leave it at home. The camera is like your shirt or your shoes. Take it everywhere you take your body. Then you'll be ready when the image you love arrives in front of you like a gift. Be gracious. Be ready to accept the gift."
Wow that's a good little article. Made me think of things a little differently - or more to the point, made me think more about what I want to shoot than what other people expect from me.
Chase Jarvis did a book entirely of iPhone photographs he had made. His book is entitled

The Best Camera Is The One That's With You and he did a blog article about it here The Best Camera: iPhone App + Book + Community | Chase Jarvis Blog

plus there's a plug for it on Amazon's web site...The concept is pretty simple: no camera, no photos...only memories...

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