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Aug 29, 2006
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I guess this is really apropos of nothing but here goes. When I fist bought my D70s right before the D200 came out I also bought 3 1G CF cards they were high speed (for the time) 80x cards and I paid after my Ritz discount around $110 each. So the part that makes me mad is I just bought a new 1G card the other day (130X) and you know what I paid $35.00!!!!! I mean really how can they come down that much and for a faster card. So anyway I guess I just wanted to vent feel free to comment or ignore this as you see fit.
I am so happy that cards go down in price ...
You want mad..come to England, $35 is £17 that 3 packs of ***s or 1/4 tank of petrol or the plastic bag a D3 protective screen cover comes in.
Come and boil with the Brits, we're pro's..

Loll, my cigarettes were edited....jebus, that I do not believe
I buy about one 4G CF card every half year, so I am happy the price is dropping.
Technology advances, prices go down. Lower prices are a GOOD thing.

You SHOULD be far more worried about energy prices. As oil runs out prices go UP - and UP - and UP.... and all the nice cheap things we've taken for granted, made possible by cheap energy will start to go up in price and our 'leaders' seem oblivious to the end result.

I'll be dead and gone when it all hits the fan but my kids are in for one rough ride. Blacksmithing may be a high demand profession in 50 years.

I suspect that the photos I'm taking will be the only way my grandchildren will ever see these places - if they still exist then.
You still need fuel for that and at the rate were going all of that is going to be used up before too long. Hey!!! how did my whiney thread about card prices get highjacke by politics I thought we stayed away from that around here. Anyway Yeah the 4G is actually cheaper than I paid for a 1G card that is half as fast!!!!.
I picked up a few SD sandisk cards last week at office depot before the thanksgiving sale... 2 gb ultra II and paid $19/each. I think today they were like $12. They keep dropping and I keep picking them up. Should be pretty well stocked now. Think I have around 20g now. Bring on the weddings.
In '02 no name 512K cards were $225 each, 1 gig. IBM micro drives were $360. Remember them? Still have one, might be the only one in existence that still works. :)
Olympus 64MB SD card.....$89.00. I still have the receipt!!! New PNY 4GB 266X card....$80. Gotta love it.
I remember my first SD card for my 1.3 mp p&s. It was 32MB and cost at least $50. I was amazed that it could hold as many photos as it could. What could I do with that now? 3 or 4 RAW images?
I have a Friend that paid over $600 for 1gig, this was back in the day when most people were buying 64mb cards

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