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What type of photography do you favor?

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Aug 14, 2003
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In my recent research I've studied a lot of photojournalists of the past century. My favorite by far is W. Eugene Smith. I love the era he shot in for one thing. I've always been intrigued by photos of the early part of the century: the styles, the economies, the quality of life, etc. But his photographs are just breathtaking to me in how they capture raw emotion and unique situations. Or rather how he makes dismal situations depicting poverty and depression seem so magnetic.

So who is your favorite photojournalist, old or new? Why do you admire them?
The person I've discovered that I like the most is Robert Frank. He is a swedish born photographer who went of a united states wide trip taking pictures of the post ww2 generation. He focused on the hopelessness and isolation associated with the post ww2 era and I think he is one of the greatest candid photographers I've ever seen. If you go to and click images and type in Robert Frank you will understand. Jack Kerouac also wrote an intro to his photo-documentary book "The Americans" which doesnt hurt anything either.
im wrapped up into Diane Arbus .. i love her style and presentation ... she wasnt well known for her photojournalism, but she did that as well (Diane Arbus Magazine Work is what im reading right now).

i loved her diligence and unwillingness to change to meet the needs of the editors ... oftentimes, she would present them with one photo if an assignment was given.. .. more times than not, there was resistance... but she stuck to her guns.

i admire her as a photographer and mostly as a woman :D

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