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Aug 14, 2003
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"Upper Egypt"
Hi all

I have just purchase a Sony DSC-V1 but have not maximize its potential yet.

I bought it for the purpose of snapping my aquarium and fishes. Does anyone share the hobby of fish keeping and photography as well? I hope to get more expert advice and opinions here.

My tank is lighted by 03 x FL, 6500K each and a submerged light, 6000K. On the overall, the tank is very bright. I'm taking the pixs w/o flash but on auto focus as it tends to caused the pixs to be "washed out". Have realised that by doing this, I still fail to get crisp and sharp pixs.

Kindly advise on manual focusing, apperture, shutter speed, etc that I should use. Thank you.
I definitely don't know enough to help you. You are gonna have a whole bunch (or some anyway... or one anyway... :)) of unusual issues, because you are not only shooting through the glass or plastic of your aquarium but also through water, both of which can have different effects on how the light is transmitted (that's probably not the right word...) and then captured by the camera.

I would think you would want to make sure you are shooting straight through the aquarium, possibly with the lens right against the glass, thus minimizing reflection.

Here's a link I found with a discussion and lots of links in it.

Here's another article too
Thank you. Will browse thru the details. Looking forward to maximising the capabilities and unleash the potential of this DC as well as improvising my skills. :)
Well I think your fish are going to be on the move often, getting a sharp photo could be difficult. and using an on camera flash will likely blow out the shot like you said. Shooting fish in an aqaurium wont be that interesting. If its the fish that you want to stand out, try using a white background. Maybe put a fish in a wine glass with the white background, or a jar. Make it fun. Or whats even better, get your Padi certification, a couple of strobes, a underwater housing and shoot the fish in they're real habitat. that might be a strech though.
No choice... wished I can do juz dat but itz a little extreme. My tank is oni 5' end to end. if I were to squeeze inside there, betcha my fishes will sure jump outta the tank. Mwahaha!!!

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