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Dec 26, 2011
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Had my first paid photo job and need to invoice. but wondering do most of you guys use a word template, or a specific program for outputting invoices??

any invoicing advice would be great
I just use a simple word template for invoices & quotes etc. But I use Quickbooks for keeping track of the invoices and expenses etc.

I've been meaning to search for an iPhone app for simple accounting functions...anyone have a suggestion?
You can use Quickbooks for invoices too. I would definitely get QB if you plan on this being a significant business.
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I use Street Invoice. I am very satisfied with it, it allows me to invoice from anywhere I am (as long as I have wifi or data) and is quite easy to use.

Advice for invoicing: Do it right away or you may lose or forget (trust me I learned the hard way!)

Have a great day!

I use an app called Invoices2Go. It was recommended to me and I love it. Not as strong as Quicken obviously.

On a side note I also use an app called "When I work" for schedule my staff and my assignments, 5 stars for this app!

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