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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Aayria, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I can very rarely ever get a picture of my *OWN* children that I'm happy with. Multi-tasking as mommy and photographer at the same time is admittedly not something I've mastered:lol:

    That's why, to date, I have not printed a single picture I've taken of my own kids! Sad, right? I have some prints hanging in the living room taken last year by my good friend who is a MUCH better photographer than me, and I love them. But it's time to get some more current I've set out to really concentrate on my own children a bit.

    I had two from today of my "middle children" that I think I'm really happy with and would like to actually hang in our home. Next I'll focus on my youngest and oldest...but for today this is progress:blushing:

    I think I really love the black and whites of these..but what do you think? Would you print the color versions, or the B&W?

    Oh, and C&C is always appreciated! Don't worry about offending, even though these are pictures of my own kids. I value any and all input and will do my best to take your thoughts into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to view.

    1) My four year old with his "ducky blanket" that he's had since birth. He loves to wrap himself up in it, and so this shot really shows him how I will remember this age most =)




    2) My two year old. Her sincere, carefree smile...this one melts my heart...even though there isn't any eye contact. It's just "her" to me :D






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