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Mar 20, 2009
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You have some very moving shots there.

They came out very nice.
Aww, poor monkeys! You did capture a strong emotion with these. The first one you have some blown areas that you can't do much about, but I would straighten up the cage bar. Since it is one of the main focal points, it is distracting being crooked.
Sometimes I think shots like the first can work rather well - even with features like a blown highlight = mostly as to my eyes they seem to be grabshots into the life of the ape taken in secret - rather than better exposed shots that appear to be well composed and thought about (anyone else ever notice that many rescue shots tend to be rather underexposed and also have hints of vignetting as well).
The last shot though I think is the winner - sad looking monkey, cage with dirty glass looking rather poor, overall dark look to the shot and the symbol drawn on the glass.

I hope these are more posed shots and that conditions are not as bad as they lead us to think - if not then its very sad to see.

*ps well done for not using a cheetah - its cheating with a cheetah (they always look sad ;))
I made those photos in Belgrade Zoo, it's small zoo, most of animals are under the cage...some photos are not tech. correct (overexposed)...
....i use to have Lumix fz5 and so on............
sorry on my broken Eng.

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