Zoom no zoom. Lens go boom!


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Feb 27, 2012
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Hi all. Brand new here,first post. I hope I am in the right place.If not please advise. I have a question regarding fixing broken gear. I am afraid I already know the answer. Send it to Canon. It doesn't hurt to ask, who knows. Maybe there is a simple fix. I have a EFS 17-85mm USM IS. The zoom stuck. It is physically stuck at 17 mm with a very small amount of play. I have no idea how this happened. I took it out of my bag to use and that was it. I did not drop it no one else used it. Complete mystery. Obviously something, some how has obstructed the gears. I did buy the lens second hand so warranty is out. It worked fine for a long time after I bought it. Sending it to Canon for repair is over $100 CAD just to look ar it. Ideas? Any? Dang this sucks.Thanks.

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