Zylight Z90....OMG I want this!

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    I stumbled onto this a few days ago, and I want one so bad now LOL. :lol:


    Description from B&H:

    "The Zylight Z90 LED Light Head packs 230 Hi-leds (high-density light emitting diode) into 1 square inch panel which produces a remarkably soft 60° beam with 1-100% dimming.
    But that's just the beginning. The Z90 offers almost unheard of control of light quality via 3 output modes. White Mode allows selection of 3200K or 5600K white light, while Color Mode enables the user to tweak the red/green/blue hue and adjust the saturation of it. In Gel Mode the Z90 outputs white light with color temperature control from 2500K-9000K as well as +/- green color correction control.

    The Z90 has (2) 1/4"-20 sockets for mounting onto the camera or light supports using dedicated Zylight accessories. One such accessory allows the use of popular sized 3" (7.6 cm) light shaping tools like soft box speed rings and barn doors, to the front of the light.
    Built-in ZyLink technology allows ganging multiple units together using simple communication and function control as if they were a single unit, from as much as 30' (9 m) away.
    The Z90 operates on 100-240V, 50-60Hz via a universal power supply or 7-24V DC with battery and cable, both available separately."

    Here is a youtube video of a demonstration:


    The main thing I don't like is that for it to be portable you need to carry a large and expensive battery as well (sold separately of course).

    This is to be expected for how bright and adjustable the light is though. :thumbup:

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