How do you make a porfolio of your work?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by C0611, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm a newbie in this foum as well as a aspiring professional photographer. A work opportunity came to me, when someone saw my work and they decided to give me a job as a photographer in our local magazine. The thing is they asked to me to make a porfolio of my work for formalities. I just started with photography a few months back so I'm not really yet familiar with the business. I'm still learining it though. Can Someone help me or teach me or give me tips on how to make a porfolio of my work. Examples like where to print it on. What size would be best. Stupid things like that :confused: . I really don't have the faintest idea how to make one. I just dont want to disappoint my soon to be boss (or not. if i give a bad porfolio). I need fo serious help!

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    As them what they want, specifically. These days, a 'portfolio' often means just a collection of your work. I have seen places that are happy with digital images on a CD-ROM. Assuming they want an actual physical portfolio, ask them (a) how many images, (b) what size, and (c) do they have any preference about how it's bound.

    Once you have the answers to a and b, pick the images you intend to use, ensure they're as good as you can make them, and cropped to the exact size you require, then send them off to a good lab in your area (Your local camera store/club can doubtless make recommendations to that), and assuming that the answer to c was indifference, than head down to your local art/photographic supply store or and see what they have for display books.

    Another option (though perhaps more expensive) is to get a bound photobook right from the lab. Many of the major 'quicky' labs (Wal-Mart type) offer this service.

    Others may disagree, but I'm a big advocate of asking people for clarification so that they get exactly what they're asking for.

    Good luck.

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