1. nerwin

    My film drawer

    I figured I should take care of my working film cameras instead of them sitting on my desk collection dust when I'm not using them haha. The only other film camera that isn't pictured is my Yashica FR-II that I am currently shooting with and testing.
  2. F

    Canon A1 LEDs are on but no shutter or mirror movement

    Picked up an A1 that was sold as parts. Initially no signs of life. After having a battery in for a while the LEDs are coming on when the buttons are pressed. Pushing the shutter button all the way turns of the LEDs and the mirror or shutter doesn't move. It can be triggered mechanically under...
  3. nerwin


    Well this photo may not be my strongest because its unconventional composition. I tried something different and perhaps this is just too "instagrammy" type of film inspired photo. I don't know. The reason I shot it this was because the light was in the worst spot, there was so many distractions...
  4. nerwin

    I saved a camera from the landfill!

    I was helping my brother move and he was gonna throw this camera in the trash but I like cameras so I kept it. It had battery that was starting to corrode so I cleaned it up and replaced the battery and voila it worked just fine. I had zero intentions on using the camera, just was gonna add it...
  5. N

    problem with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460

    Hi! so i just shot my friends with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460, but it turns very red like it's burnt? i used this roll before, sometimes the color turns nice but sometimes it's weirdly turns red. does anyone ever encounter this kind of problem?
  6. nerwin

    My grandmother turned 80.

    I haven't touched my camera in weeks, I just haven't been inspired or motivated to take any pictures but since my grandmother turned 80 years old this past weekend, I decided to brush off my camera and try to document this excellent milestone. She may be 80 years old, but still goofy as ever or...
  7. nerwin

    Young Couple of Fiddleheads...

    It's that time of the year here in Vermont. Decided to use my hardly used 35mm 1.8 lens lol. Nikon Z6II + 35mm 1.8 S Young Couple of Fiddleheads by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  8. nerwin

    Just for fun - 50mm 1.8 S vs 35mm 1.8 S

    I was doing some lens testing betweens these too, nothing crazy but I was surprised how little difference there was. I'm a big fan of focusing up close with just about any lens because I feel like that's where the biggest differences are. I'm also trying to decide between them as I really don't...
  9. nerwin

    Luke enjoying the fresh spring air

    I like taking pictures of my cat in the window for some reason, well I mean I like photographing my cat in general..it's almost like I'm documenting him. Pets make great subjects lol. Nikon Z6II + Z 35mm f/1.8 S Luke enjoying the fresh air by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  10. N

    Kodak Potra 400 with blue-yellow tone

    Hi! i just shot my first Potra 400, but i'm confused with the tone, it looks blue on the highlight and yellow/orange on the shadow. I use Nikon fm2 and Nikon 50mm, box speed ISO 400, i don't know whether they affected the result. or is it the lab scanning issue?? i mainly use my phone...
  11. A

    Good 35mm in-studio situation/ using an external flash.

    Hey! I am looking for a new 35 mm camera that I can use with my Mamiya rz67 in studio situations with flash. Until now I have been using my Pentax me super, but I have been dealing with lack of sharpens in the lens and issues with the shutter sync. I really want to invest in a new 35 mm, that...
  12. A

    Best 35mm Lens under $70? Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 vs Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina)

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap (under $70) lens for M42. After searching through the Internet I think my two candidates for purchasing are Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 and Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina). Which one would you prefer and why? If you used only one of them, tell me about it. Are there any...
  13. G

    Developing Overexposed Film

    There may be an answer to this question somewhere else but I am a little confused. If I shoot Portra 400 35mm at 200 ISO instead of box speed, do I need to let the lab know to develop it differently? If so, what is the difference and why can’t the over exposure be achieved by developing the film...
  14. A

    Want to Sell Film Camera

    Looking to sell my Nikon N75b 35mm film camera. Comes with a Nikon ED AF Nikkor 28-200 mm lens, plus Tamron 62 mm UV filter. I realize this is a dinosaur that isn't worth what I paid for it but it is in excellent condition and I'm not using it. I also have an Olympus OM 10 that needs some...
  15. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! My name is Charles and I live in Coventry, UK. I've been into photography for a long time, starting off with digital as many my age do (I'm in my mid 20s). I progressed from a cheap Samsung point and shoot to a Canon EOS 1100D, then a 60D and currently a 6D. My big interest at...
  16. L

    Konica Minolta Dimage Dual Scan IV - 35mm Film Trays

    I'm doing a B&W 35mm photo essay and I busted out my old Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV film scanner, but I don't have the 35mm film strip or the 35mm slide holders for it! I've tried tracking down replacements on the internet with absolutely no luck. From what I understand, the slide...
  17. N

    Canon EOS 3 35mm - Aperture Question

    Hey guys, new to the forum so this is my first post. I live in the Cayman Islands & I recently bought the Canon EOS 3 - 35mm film camera (without a lens). It's in excellent condition with all functions working including the LCD panel. I ordered the 50mm Canon EF 1.8 lens & attached it with ease...
  18. Flavio

    Should I Buy the Fuji 35mm f2?

    Hi everyone! I have a Fuji X-T20 and also a Fuji 35mm f1.4. I like this lens, but sometimes I wish it was faster to autofocus and didn´t make those noises autofocusing when I'm shooting video...so, I'm considering to order the 35mm f2. I also have the fuji 16mm f2.8 and I love the small size...
  19. M

    Question on Portra400 film with Minolta film camera

    Hello! I recently purchased a Minolta Xg1 camera. I believe the lens I have is 50mm? Here are the details to my purchase: Minolta XG-1 camera with 50mm F1.7 MD-Rokkor-X and Vivitar 75-300mm F4.5/5.6 macro zoom and brand new Minolta 118X flash. I'm guessing I can't use portra400 film with these...
  20. M

    Back to Photography

    First of all, thank you for allowing me to enter the forum. I have 'liked' photography since I was a kid, and was actually very much into it until the late 80's. At that time I had -I still do- a Nikon F3 HP, which I really enjoyed. I want to start again as an aficionado, and I am wondering if...