1. tzalam_studio

    Looking for newborn studio photography help

    Hello, I am starting a photo studio, mostly for newborn photography, and I would like to get some feedback and help on some of my photos. If you are a newborn photographer, I would love to hear from you, and if you message me I will give you a link to many RAW files from a practice session...
  2. BasilFawlty

    Granddaughter's first Christmas

    My new Canon 5D Mark IV arrived the day before Christmas. I was able to set up my Soobie soft box with a speedlight and take some shots of our one and only Grand Child (so far).
  3. NGH

    My wife with my daughter just after she was born 16 weeks ago today

  4. birdbonkers84

    I became a Dad

    1. Tender Moment Tender moment by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. Milk Drunk Milk drunk by Mark Coull, on Flickr 3. 1 Week Old 1 week old - awake by Mark Coull, on Flickr 4. 12 Days old 12 Days old by Mark Coull, on Flickr I nice side effect of having a kid is now I get to take lots of baby...
  5. JulieMontgomery

    PTPA!: How can I know if a baby photographer is the right one to hire?

    PTPA!: My husband and I are having our first baby, and it’s my due next month. One of our plans after I give birth is to have a photo session for our baby. We already asked some of our relatives if they can recommend anyone, but we got none at the moment. So I searched on the Internet and...
  6. Mike Hernandez

    Baby Ducks in the Shore

    Three little ducks in the shore of the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida
  7. colorful

    please give me suggestions

    I am starting on taking photos for my daughter. Need suggestions on how to improve my skill. Thanks very much.
  8. Kroneberger0408

    Lighting help?

    So I want to start doin more portraits at home. Maybe set up a small studio type setup on my house. Mostly Im having a baby in August and I really want some good soft light to use when taking photos of the baby. What kind of lighting should I start with? Umbrella or softbox? Suggestions for a...
  9. Destin

    Newborn Session C&C

    Hey guys, did a newborn session today with a little girl who's dad is a marine. The family is super thrilled with the photos, and I like them for the most part. Just wondering what you guys think of them. How can I improve in the future? Baby was very uncooperative and only slept for about 5...
  10. PersistentNomad

    Heirloom Photography

    So, I have been so super busy lately between starting my own photo biz, working at the retail studio, helping manage my boyfriend's business and taking care of our baby! I mean, I know women can do it all, but usually we don't do it all at the same time! ;) Anyway, we had a nice relaxing...
  11. koleks

    Mother & Son

    This is my wife and youngest son that was shot at a resort. Comments and critiques are welcome please :-)
  12. PersistentNomad

    Capturing those baby blues

    My daughter, Charlotte Sabriel, has the best eyes. I mean, between my partner and I there was no doubt. ;) But, it's really hard to capture them on camera. This morning I had a little success, but a manual focus only lens with a squirmy baby isn't the best pairing.
  13. S

    Just a Waiting Game

    We are down to the final week before our due date and passing time by taking a few photos. Here is one from last night.
  14. L

    Looking for some help

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I recently lost my son Rory who was born 13 weeks early and only lived 4 weeks. I have loads of photos of him but he always had tubes in. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if and how I could get one of my pictures...
  15. lucassantoslira

    My first shot with Canon 5D Mk II

    Hey guys, whatsup? I've just bought a new camera for my set, a Canon 5D Mk II, although it's not the latest model of 5D still being a GREAT one... This is my first official photo with my new camera (of course after a lots of shots from the wall, glass, cars on the street and another for test)...