1. DSCN0060.jpeg


    Robin out searching for worms.
  2. DSCN0033.jpeg


    Young oriole lured in by the hummingbird feeders.
  3. DSCN0212.jpeg


    Robin feeding near the shore line.
  4. DSCN0214.jpeg


    Turkey vulture at Bishop Lake state park.
  5. DSCN0251.jpeg


  6. SnappingShark

    Smallest fish ever

    I'd never been one for catching birds in flight, but this week, I caught one just on a whim. It's a little blurry still (I only had 1000 shutter and focus was not auto or tracking)... but I kind of like the shot despite the empty space down below Thoughts?
  7. santino


    Bird. If you know what kind of bird, please enlighten me :encouragement:
  8. Musk lorikeet

    Musk lorikeet

    Musk lorikeet found in central/eastern Australia
  9. Sulphur-crested cockatoo

    Sulphur-crested cockatoo

    Sulphur-crested cockatoo hanging upside down
  10. G

    First bird photo

    More or less my first bird picture. Almost first actual attempt at a picture in general. and In my defense, it is the worlds smallest bird lol. With a 300mm. And im not entirely too sure how too crop…. It may have been my distance for the picture but if I get in really close on the zoom. It...
  11. M

    Hunter on the prowl

  12. Kedarnag138

    Buffy Owl

  13. G

    The Last 60 Seconds

    My wife and I were on an Audubon walk in S. California last week. The photo opportunities were completely ho hum normal. Nothing to get excited about. As we were approaching the car, there was a Great Blue Heron in the path. I focused on the bird, set my Nikon D7000 to track and just...
  14. V

    Another hummer from the porch

    Shot with Nikon D500 and Nikon 500mm PF lens, handheld. Processed in LrC and PS. Used a textured background.
  15. V

    Hummer flying in for the feeder

    Shot from the porch, Nikon D500 with a Nikon 500mm PF lens, handheld. Processed in LrC and PS.
  16. M

    Saw a Bird in the Alamo

    Was walking along and saw a bird in the Alamo of all places.
  17. NGH

    Yellow birds at the San Diego Zoo

    Had fun trying to get the perfect shot of these yellow birds at the zoo (bad me for not checking the species)
  18. M

    Parrots at the Zoo.

  19. jorelcuomo

    I like boobies!

    Nazca Booby⁣ ⁣ Two Nazca boobies interact on Genovesa island in the Galapagos. Canon 1DX + Canon 600mm F4 IS II
  20. Squa7ch2112


    We took a trip to Florida last week and these are a few of my shots. Love me some shorebirds. All taken with a Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 G2.