1. dolina

    Birds of the Philippines

    Palawan flowerpecker (Prionochilus plateni) by Paolo Dolina, on Flickr
  2. MiscBirds (34).jpg

    MiscBirds (34).jpg

  3. Two Geese

    Two Geese

    I was at the wrong end of the marsh; I would have preferred to have them coming toward me.
  4. Northern Flicker

    Northern Flicker

  5. Northern Flicker

    Northern Flicker

  6. House Finches

    House Finches

    Male and female house finches in Utah Juniper tree.
  7. DSCN0152.JPG


    Fishing for its dinner
  8. M

    Cement Ship

  9. M

    Bird's in the Park

    Any CC welcomed, Taken with a Chinon 55mm Vintage lens.
  10. thphoto

    my little bird collection

    This is a mix of older and current photos which I will extend irregularly. wagtail plumage care grey heron singing robin hunting heron
  11. M

    Snowy Owl

  12. OldManJim

    Help Me Improve

    So, I got a new lens (Tamron 150-600mm G2) and put it on my Nikon D7100. I took some shots of birds at the feeder the other day. They're not too bad for a first effort, but I'd like to do better. I'm looking for suggestions on what I need to improve.
  13. JustBen

    Where the plains meet the Rockies

    Was able to identify most birds but I am not sure about the turkey vulture. Maybe someone can tell me if I am right, or if it is a different species. Winter Wren American White Pelican with pretty large Nuptial Tubercle Marsh Wren Pair of American Goldfinch A...
  14. Russs

    My First Hummingbird Shots

    Today I was able to get some hummingbirds for the first time in my bud's backyard. I just need an outside opinion on my shots though since I don't feel I can tell if they're okay, so here's a few of them! Thanks in advance! I shot with a Nikon D7200 with a Nikkor 200-500 lens, and ISO at 2000...
  15. LK_Nature_Photography

    Hello I´m new here, who am I, some pictures, why I´m here...

    Hello everybody! My name is Leon Kiss (Kish on Hungarian) and I want to be a professional wildlife/nature photographer. I´m from Serbia, I´m half Hungarian, I live now in Germany and I speak Serbian, Hungarian, German, and English. I bought my first DSLR camera last year in August a Canon 70D...
  16. jessecrowdenphotography

    Robin and Their Babies

    This picture is a little old but tell me what you think
  17. pondsedgephotography

    The diving carnivore

    Managed to walk right up on top of this Crested Caracara. She really wasn't worried about me for several minutes, then she decided to head off to a nearby feast.
  18. M

    Digiscoping with superzoom or DSLR? (with spotting scope)

    Hello, I'm new to here. So I'm not sure if asking this here is appropriate. If not, I would appreciate it if somebody is willing to give a link to the proper place(s)! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for help in advance! I'd like to ask for advice...
  19. L

    Protect Your Babies

    Caught this Black Bellied Whistling Duck family at Rockport, TX.
  20. trase

    Light growth - looking for feedback

    I am very new to photography, and besides knowing the technical basics, I have no idea what I'm doing. It would be great if somebody pointed my nose in the things I did wrong.