1. S

    Real Estate Photographer wanting other sources of income

    I am a Professional Real Estate Photographer and have photographed about 6000+ homes and businesses since I got started. I shoot about 5 to 8 houses per day and spend my late nights processing photos. I have tried outsourcing the processing with unsatisfactory results. I am trapped working every...
  2. MountainsRCalling

    I'm new! Critique my shots please

    Hey i'm new to photography and just purchased my Cannon EOS Rebel T4i a month ago and its my very first DSLR camera. Here are some of my favorite shots I've taken so far that weren't taken in the Auto setting. I feel like they could be better but don't know exactly what to work on. Please be as...
  3. misskv

    Which platform to blog?

    Hi All, I'm hoping to create a photo blog to share mostly photos but occasionally do posts with text. I've heard good things about Tumblr since it's mostly image sharing, but I feel like Tumblr is not as big as it was. I've also heard a lot of good things about Wordpress and certainly seems...
  4. N

    Usage rights and is a blogger classed as press?

    I'm in a bit of a tricky situation and struggling to find an answer so hoping someone here can help! I have two main queries... 1) I was assigned to photograph for a hotel - general area shots, staff, etc for which I have assigned the hotel "all media: print & digital, worldwide territory and...
  5. mediamike

    Build a Photography Portfolio

    Hi all! I have to admit that I'm new to this group but have been an avid fstopper for years. I've decide to leave my job to pursue a different passion (helping photographers get off the ground!). I was wondering if you had any feedback on a recent video tutorial that I put together that...
  6. Charlie Gardiner

    Hi guys im new to this forum and have a quick question...

    Hi, So ive just signed up to this forum for three reasons. 1) I would like to try and give advice and help others if at all possible. I wish I had signed up to a forum like this when I first started out in my photography instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out where to start...
  7. rawbphotography

    Launched Website and photoblog

    Hi TPF I just launched my site and would like some reviews, critiques, and maybe a few kudos as well! Hope you all enjoy!
  8. circlekay


    Hey guys, I just started my own photo-narrative blog on Your support would be much appreciated! If you liked my post, feel free to click the enjoy button, it'd mean a lot to me. If you guys are also interested in following my journey on exposure, you can subscribe to my feed through...
  9. Hayley Waldo

    Hello from Oklahoma City, OK!

    Hello! My name is Hayley and I'm VERY new to the photography forum we will see how this goes!! I am a portrait photographer in Oklahoma City. I love to travel, eat (a lot), sing in the car, doodle, hand letter, cook, hang out with my brother and look at wedding photography...all the...
  10. LarryTheLawrence

    Website Critique

    A thread to show off photography blog/websites get feedback of photos and layouts of blog/websites Let me go first Lawrence Anca Photography Thanks