1. D7K

    Not the sunrise I’d hoped for

    Beautiful place to shoot, although I didn’t get the sunrise planned I took this one I liked with the drama. I revisited the edit and I’m happier with it.
  2. D7K

    Sunset at the Statue of Gorgey Artur

    Last edit before work.. I'll leave in peace now :). I swear I think I am almost done with Budapest pictures.....for now... I need to get out and shoot again, hopefully this weekend. C&C always welcomed. D850 - f/3.5 - 24-70 2.8 - ISO 64 - 1/1000
  3. D7K

    Chain Bridge - Blue Hour in Budapest

    C&C Welcomed. Shot on D850 - 24-70 2.8 - f/13 - ISO31 I'll be adding and updating the full size images on my portfolio this weekend.
  4. D7K

    More Budapest - Long Expo

    So maybe best I don't fire off new threads for each shot from here haha, so I will add a few long expo's in here if that's cool! And sorry guys, it's more from Budapest, This time a long expo show of Chain Bridge and the traffic; D850 - 24-70 @ 32mm - f13 - ISO31 - 13 Seconds
  5. D7K

    Sunset towards Fisherman's Bastion & Matthias Church

    Budapest is not only a magnificent city at night, but both sunrise and sunset prove to be a beautiful time for capturing great skies, silhouttes and more of the city. D850 - 70-300 @ 90mm - f/9
  6. D7K

    Budapest - The Money Shot

    So, Everyone who has ever visited Buda has this shot, I know it's cliche but hit was a dream of mine to shoot it.. I shot it a few times of a couple of nights, but this one was shot with the Multiple Exposure mode of the D850, 10 shots, 25 seconds.. D850 - 32mm - ISO31 -(10x25 sec) Love to...
  7. D7K

    Budapest from the Hill

    This is by no means I would say one of the best shots I took on my recent trip to Budapest, it was the first morning, a hazy morning, not the best shooting time and certainly the sky didn't play, and after a long walk we ended up overlooking the city from Castle hill. It was my first real chance...
  8. Charlie Gardiner

    Full Critique Welcome - 2 of my favourite images from my recent trip to Budapest...

    Hi, I recently got back from a weekend in Budapest and these are 2 of my favourite images from the trip. Id love to get some other opinions from you all so fire away! All constructive critisism welcome! IMAGE 1 (Trams in Budapest): IMAGE 2 (Barge on the Danube): Thanks in advance!