Budapest from the Hill


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May 25, 2014
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This is by no means I would say one of the best shots I took on my recent trip to Budapest, it was the first morning, a hazy morning, not the best shooting time and certainly the sky didn't play, and after a long walk we ended up overlooking the city from Castle hill. It was my first real chance to test out the 70-300 so don't let this shot put you off viewing the others I will post :D but I would still like to hear your comments.

I'm really interested in the night shots I took and looking forward to editing those as this is a completely different city at night.

I actually purposely shot through the trees to create a fake frame (I have actually cropped some of the trees out as it was a little too much), I know it won't be to everyones taste..

D850 - 90mm - f/7.1 - ISO64

And here's actually the 4th shot I took on the trip, as we wandered across Margaret Bridge.. It was SO hazy I had to edit a bit more than usual.. but still, I quite like it, a little moody..

D850 - 70mm - f/5.6 - ISO64

Thank you guys, looking forward to the rest of the edits!

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Two good shots, but love the first image as the trees framing it make the shot imo.

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