1. Charles Morse

    First Step Of A Thousand Mile Journey

    Ahem ... Tap Tap Tap I guess this is the forum for me. After struggling with a sport camera for the last three years, I finally made the giant leap to a point & shoot two days ago. I must say the transition has inspired me to seek out this, my first photography forum in the hope of finding the...
  2. puregreen

    How to increase contrast/brightness of product photos?

    [Warning: I'm a newbie!] Hi guys. I need to take a lot of product pictures for my blog. I'm using my Canon G5 X (compact) and continuous lighting of 3x 125 W 5500К bulbs in softboxes (which I thought and still believe is enough). However, the photos are still kinda dull so I want to make them...
  3. PhOtoSITIVE

    Sunlit Innocence

    Can't figure out how to delete the thread but I can still edit.
  4. redbourn

    Photos? For Us of for others?

    Photos? For Us of for others? Although I worked in the film industry for 35 years, I only really got into photography a few months ago because I'm compiling a cookbook. I bought a Nikon d3300 and a Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens and then bought a softbox, lights etc and started learning. So what's...
  5. Undercover.Nerd

    Critique/Feedback - Lake Serene's Natural Beauty

    Hey Guys! Glad to be on this site now, hopefully I'll get some good critiques to take my photos to the next level! I originally posted the attached photo to a Reddit forum (\r\photocritique) trying to find some good critique. They suggested that I darken the shadows and increase the tonality...