1. C

    D800 SD card slot replacement

    Hi all! The SD card slot in my D800 has stopped working. How expensive is it to get it replaced? Is it difficult to replace myself? The D800 is starting to get old, so if I were to break it it would not mean the end of the world. SHMBO might agree that I could get a new mirrorless?? :P
  2. Markw

    720nm Infrared-converted Nikon D800 Body

    I'm switching systems, so all of my equipment has to go! I purchased this camera new three years ago, and as of today it ha 39,972 actuations on the body. It was converted to 720nm by Kolari Vision and has done me very well! It's in practically new condition. I've attached some photos taken...
  3. Dave442

    Kit 2019

    Finally went ahead and picked up a D800e. This puts one D200 as a backup and the other D200 was handed off to one of the grandkids with the 35mm. The D500 had been on my radar all year, but as Derrell and others have noted the used market for the D800 series is a great deal right now - so it was...
  4. MVPernula

    Which Sony A7 to get

    Heya! I just sold off my D800, D5100 and lenses to compress my excessive collection of stuff I don't use. This was done in order to get a mirrorless camera, and Sony is as far as I can tell the only manufacturer that produces "cheap" FF mirrorless ones. My mind is set on the A7ii. With the...
  5. MVPernula

    Switch.. D800 to A7ii

    Heya! So right now I'm about to move to a small apartment, and I have alot of stuff. I've been playing with the thought of jumping ship for a long time, and it's starting to make alot of sense (I hope). Right now I'm on a D5100 and a D800, both are great cameras- no doubt. Though I'm looking...
  6. Tailgunner

    Ice Racing (Nikon D800)

    I don't usually record videos with my DSLR, so be gentle. Anyhow, I was checking out the local Colorado ice races on a frozen lake and the distance was a bit much for my gopros. So I switched from still shots to recording video with my D800 w/24-120 F4. This was shot free hand, so there is...
  7. P

    Using Vintage Nikon Lens on D800

    I shoot with a Nikon D800 DSLR body. I recently purchased a vintage Nikkor 300 mm f/2.8 ed -vr lens. I've never attempted to use a vintage lens on this camera body. How do I go about using this lens to shoot at full frame on my Nikon D800? Do I need to get a lens adapter and if so, can...
  8. Wawe

    Speeding up merging HDR photos and panoramas in Lightroom CC

    Hi! As an enthusiast travel photographer I do a lot of HDR, panoramas and HDR panoramas. I merge the photos as an HDR dng file in Lightroom and also stitch the panoramas from the Nikon D800 raw files or from the dng files (in case of HDR panoramas) in Lightroom. The problem currently is that...
  9. Wawe

    GPS system for D800

    I’m looking for a GPS system for my D800 to geo tag all of my photos on the go. I have previously never geo tagged any of my shots so I have zero experience in all of this. What is required of the product is simply the ability to record location data on the files themselves. Not making the...
  10. Wawe

    Buying my first printer

    I’m an enthusiast photographer, have owned a DSLR (currently D800) for about three years now and have so far only presented my work online. Recently I’ve found myself more and more interested in printing my pictures and hanging them on the walls at home etc. So, in the near future, I’m looking...