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Aug 27, 2014
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I’m looking for a GPS system for my D800 to geo tag all of my photos on the go. I have previously never geo tagged any of my shots so I have zero experience in all of this.

What is required of the product is simply the ability to record location data on the files themselves. Not making the workflow any more tedious is of high importance to me, so, for example the mobile phone GPS apps would not be my first choice (they will also likely be out of the question as I’m currently using neither Android nor iOS).

As for the typical use, I mainly need geo tagging in my travels since, when driving, I might stop by the road to take a picture every now and then and after the trip have found it impossible to remember where exactly the photos are taken.

The product I’m looking for would ideally perform well both outdoors and inside buildings. Occasionally I do some urban exploration so the ability to geo tag photos taken indoors would be nice.

Based on my quick research on the topic I understood that there are a lot of alternative products on the market. I don’t mind attaching the GPS unit to the hot shoe since I very rarely use flash on the trips anyways. However, I don’t want the GPS unit to prevent me from using a remote shutter release.

The budget for the purchase will be something like $500 at most, but from what I've read the typical products aren't that expensive.

So what would be your recommendations for my needs? Also, if there are any good reviews on the alternative products on the market, I’d appreciate links to these.

Thanks in advance!
I just bought one of these NIKON GPS MX-G20M_MARREX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD .
The Nikon version comes with both a N1 10 pin connector cable to fit the pro range of cameras and a N3 cable to fit the rest of the Nikon range. As an added bonus it comes with a release cable that can plug into the unit and trigger the camera shutter.
All in all the unit performs reasonably well. It can take several minutes acquire the GPS satellites but from all reports the Nikon GP-1A is even slower, the internal magnetic compass is a waste of time and you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the correct camera bearing but the GPS function works very well and at a cost of considerable less than half the cost of the Nikon GP-1A it worth considering.

After doing some more research and asking around, I think I'll get the Dawntech unit mentioned also in the link joamul posted.

I noticed that they are selling this Eco ProSumer M model, too, which would seem to be suitable for the D5200. My girlfriend has this camera body and I thought I could buy one for her as well as a gift. However, I couldn't find nearly as much information on the ProSumer M model as I did on the one for the D800. So has anyone got experience with the prosumer model or should I just trust that it is as well built as is the higher end one? At least based on the price difference this would seem like a valid assumption.

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