1. The outdoors, lovely.jpg

    The outdoors, lovely.jpg

    This old thing
  2. On another trip eh.jpg

    On another trip eh.jpg

    those old trips...
  3. Remember Bowling?

    Remember Bowling?

    Bowling, I remember those days.
  4. Long ago...(1).gif

    Long ago...(1).gif

    remember those days?
  5. ScouserClete

    Sky Cut Out Assistance

    So I have some photos that I've replaced the sky by using "Blend If" and taking out the blues or grays. Works great most of the time until the background turns to bokeh. I get fringing and its difficult to get it to blend well and look natural. I had it figured out at one point by waving a brush...
  6. Flavio

    Google Photos Alternative

    Hi, I'm looking for a site that I can upload multiple photos so I can share that "album" to my wife and then she can delete some of that photos. Anyone knows something like this? Thanks a lot!
  7. Destin

    How I edited a SOOC jpeg from my X-T3

    I got a request from a member of a facebook photography group I'm in to do a video on how I edited this photo. Since I took the time to throw the video together, I thought I'd go ahead and share it here in case anyone is interested. This follows my workflow through Lightroom from beginning to...
  8. M


    Hi, My name is Michele. I have been working with Photoshop for about 5 years. I got my Adobe certification and I'm looking to start my own photo editing business. Can you give advice where would be the best place to post an ad? Also, can anyone tell me what would be a typical fee for this type...
  9. P

    90s photo edit

    How can I edit photos to make them look like these attached? I want them to have an old, 90s effect. Please do help :) Photos deleted for copyright infringment.
  10. nicolasnico

    Postprocessing (feedback)

    hi everyone, Wanted to ask some feedback on the two version of this picture I took in Kyrgyzstan where I live. My favorite version is the second one, but would you see anything that should be changed in my post-processing? thank you!
  11. Peakapot

    First attempt at lightroom

    Heres a few photos i have edited in Lightroom. I just finished the shaw academy Lightroom diploma which i highly recommend if anyone is interested. Here are a few of my images. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions on how i can improve these photos is welcomed. Regards Dan
  12. nicolasnico

    Lightroom: graduated filters

    hi everyone, in Lightroom, when you use the graduated filter, you can use that image overlay color that allows you to see where the effect is applied. Now, I could go to 'color' and add a color, then take it out. But I've heard there's another option to go back and forth to see with/without...
  13. nicolasnico

    Post-processing: suggestion on that picture...

    hi, I have much to learn in post-processing (obviously?). Any advice on the here enclosed picture? (there is the initial version: too dark and not processed) and some attempts I've made on it with Lightroom 5.7.1. and Nik collection. Any advice? (One of the thing: there's this kind of halo in...
  14. Skiiandme

    Editing, a bad thing?

    Hi! I'm a newbie photographer. No background in photography. I only do self study, and so far I learned to balance ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I do get good photos (I think), and I learned from previous thread that I created, to appreciate the limits of my gear and use it to its full...
  15. T

    Photoshop Help!

    So I may have stumbled into a situation. And I desperately need someone to help me with some Photoshopping of photographs. If someone is happy to help PLEASE get back to me. I'm desperate for some assistance!!
  16. E


    how would one achieve this effect/edit on their photo? † hopeless†
  17. tiaphoto

    Hi Everyone! New Retoucher/Photog from ATL!

    Hey everyone, my name is Tia. I am a Retoucher & Photographer from Atlanta, GA. I focus mainly on portrait, fashion and photo manipulation work. I'm new to this forum and pretty much new to forums all together. I recently realized how much I can learn from reading and sharing on forums. Which is...
  18. Bigbamboo

    Why does Mac Preview display an edited image size smaller than the actual size in Finder?

    I have recently purchased a new 15" MBP and have noticed that when I export an image from Photo to my desktop and then reduce its size in Preview, the file size displayed in Preview is much smaller than the 'actual' size displayed in Finder. With my old MacBook + iPhoto combo, they were the...