film photography

  1. N

    problem with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460

    Hi! so i just shot my friends with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460, but it turns very red like it's burnt? i used this roll before, sometimes the color turns nice but sometimes it's weirdly turns red. does anyone ever encounter this kind of problem?
  2. nerwin

    Oh no...what have I gotten myself into 🤦‍♂️

    I'll be honest, I purchased this last August and then got covid and felt terrible for over a month and its been sitting my closet since. I probably should use it. I haven't even opened it yet. I don't know what I'm waiting for, I just haven't felt the courage yet to use the silly thing! I...
  3. B

    Trying to understand Point and Shoot Film camera Modes

    Hi! I recently purchased a Pentax Espio 738 point and shoot film camera and I’m having trouble trying to gage what ‘mode’ to use. It has multiple different modes (flash, bulb, daylight etc.) however I am never quite sure which one to use. Is it better to use the default mode (no icon displayed...
  4. F

    Is it possible to take film photos that look like these HUJI photos?

    Hello, apologies for what must be an irritating question for film photography enthusiasts, but I mean well. Over the past month or two I've been researching and trying to learn about the basics of film photography, as while I have a digital camera that works fantastic (a Sony a3000) and I've...
  5. G

    What am I doing wrong?? Fuji Pro 400H

    I recently decided to go out and finish my box of Fuji 400H, and have got huge colour shifts to either cyan or magenta. Please can someone explain what I am doing wrong. I shot the roll at 200 iso/asa and metered with a Sekonic light meter, it was quite harsh lighting so was expecting sky to...
  6. L

    Is my Canon A-1 broken? Or is it my fault...

    Hello, I'm very new to shooting on film so all help is appreciated. I recently got a used Canon A-1 (I shot on Kodak 200 ISO film) and the pictures came out horrible and not useable. I already had an issue with it once before where the shutter button wouldn't work and I couldn't advance the...
  7. Deon Reynolds

    Kodak Funsaver Panoramic 35 disposable camera

    Image #1). A modified Kodak “Funsaver Panoramic 35” disposable, reload with Kodak Tri-X black and white film. Image #2). “Roper” created from one of these cameras. Image #3). “Roper” installed on a wall in Carson City, Nevada. At 9 feet high and 22 feet across it’s the largest mural my wife...
  8. Veganist Falafel

    Purple corners when "scanning" B/W film negative

    Hello everybody! I'm completely new to this and I've started developing/scanning 35mm film just for personal use. I have two developed Ilford SFX200 B/W film rolls. One of them was developed at a professional lab and the other one I developed myself. However, when trying to scan the film I run...
  9. shootfilm

    I need your feedback for my film exploring website

    Hey guys! I have been working on a web application the last couple of weeks which helps people, especially new to analog photography figuring out which film might be the best for them. The site will list all available films with the associated facts. Furthermore it will let you filter films...
  10. shootfilm

    I need your feedback: Analog Camera and Film Website/App

    Hey, film photography lovers! I need your help for an analog photography related side project of mine. I am a freelance web-developer and currently working on a website/web application that conveniently shows all available analog cameras out there and additionally provides detailed information...
  11. M

    Fog / strong vingette in film shots?

    Hi all I'm developing some rolls. A few photos are affected by a small spot of fog in the center of the frame as well as some others having the exposure completely shift in the photo. Any thoughts on why/how this is happening? Thank you!!
  12. MariHarris

    Late for Clas

    Thank you for all the kind words on my last pic! :lovestruck: Here's another! :1247:
  13. S

    Recesky TLR - Film Advance, my problems of.

    Ahoy hoy, I have a quick and rather strange question about the Recesky TLR kit camera that I hope someone here can solve. You see for some reason my shot counter does not work properly, it just goes about halfway and stops, which is good for using the camera for experimental photography and not...
  14. Dreaminginanalogue

    New to the darkroom - Info on the Automega D3 enlarger

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased all the dark room equipment needed to have a fully set up dark room. I bought it all second hand and locally. They said they haven't used in around 7 years but it was working amazingly when they were using it. In the package was the Automega D3 Enlarger (and...