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Jan 9, 2022
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I recently decided to go out and finish my box of Fuji 400H, and have got huge colour shifts to either cyan or magenta. Please can someone explain what I am doing wrong.

I shot the roll at 200 iso/asa and metered with a Sekonic light meter, it was quite harsh lighting so was expecting sky to overexpose. I also develop my self, but this roll was developed with a brand new set of chemicals and portra in the same batch has not colour shifted. I think I had the same issue with the previous rolls in this box but put it down to bad light metering, but surely something else is at play with these

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Was the film fresh or out dated?
Brought the box last year, and still in date, but looks like some crazy expired film. Starting to think box might have been not properly stored at some point
Since the other roll was done at the same time and it's fine maybe a blast of heat and humidity at some point. Fumes from moth balls or finger nail polish remover can damage film.
Kind of artsy in the off tones anyhow.

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