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  1. G

    Williamsburg Bridge Sunset!

    Love chasing twilight time for clouds and sunset coming through. Challenging to hold the exposure correctly here so sometimes I bracket.
  2. Destin

    Autumn Waterfalls - Stony Brook State Park

    Hey guys, Sunday morning I went to Stony Brook State Park (NY) to photograph some waterfalls with the fall foliage. Unfortunately, we're past peak and most of the leaves were on the ground. I'm still happy with the end results though, and wanted to share them with you. All were taken with my...
  3. Oliver232

    New York City night timelapse

    Hi, I just finished my newest video, I traveled 2 times to NYC and took 33'000 photos. I used a Canon EOS R, 5D Mark IV and 6D. I hope you like it.
  4. Destin

    Rochester Skyline

    I shot the skyline of Rochester, NY last night from a vantage point I discovered a few months ago. I'm pretty happy with the results and wanted to share with you guys. This was my first time shooting a city skyline. Let me know what you think! Any way it could have been improved? Nikon D500...
  5. Xlayor

    6 Cityscapes (New York City/USA and Hildesheim/Germany)

    Hope you like those photos! The first one was shot in Hildesheim, a town in Lower Saxony (Germany). The other ones show New York City.
  6. M

    Looking for the real picture, please take a look.

    Hello, i am new here, i didn't know if it was the right place to post that thread but here i go: I made a painting years ago when i was 12 years old for art class, as the teacher asked it had to be based on a given photograph (probably shot by a famous photograph). After that i hanged it on a...
  7. M

    Early Attempts at B&W Conversion - Critiques Welcome

    I recently visited Manhattan and made my first attempts at photographing architecture in the city. I decided to push my boundaries a little further by converting some of these to black and white (I usually stick to color photography). I would love to hear your feedback on these photos whether...
  8. beohendee

    Brooklyn Bridge

  9. gphotos

    Sky Full of Ads

    Times Square, late afternoon. I was blessed with cloudy skies which is something I never complain about. Check out my full portfolio here.
  10. G


    Couple photos from a trip last summer. NYC NYC NYC
  11. Destin

    Sunset and Night Shots (Downtown Buffalo, NY)

    A few shots I took while walking around the recently renovated canalside area of downtown buffalo last night! Enjoy! 1.) Sunset over Lake Erie 2.) Canalside Lighthouse 3.) Light Show on a Grain Silo (an ode to Buffalo's Heritage) 4) Another night shot I found interesting
  12. A

    3 years around the world

    hello I am traveling around the world for 3 years and have decided to setup a photo gallery and document my journey. I am in process to upload each location and 15 locations uploaded so far. I am also in process to write some information to each picture. the uploaded locations are: Costa...
  13. D-B-J

    I Visited NYC for Two Days... Here's What I Shot!! :)

    Miniature; that's how I felt in the city. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in NYC with my Uncle Todd. We walked a lot, ate like kings, drank a bit, saw a lot, and had an awesome visit. I don't get to the city often, so it as nice to be able to go with someone who knows so much about...