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Apr 30, 2017
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Hello, i am new here, i didn't know if it was the right place to post that thread but here i go:

I made a painting years ago when i was 12 years old for art class, as the teacher asked it had to be based on a given photograph (probably shot by a famous photograph).
After that i hanged it on a wall in my room until i moved it recently.

Now i am 20 years old and i would like to know what the photograph was and who was the photographer.

Here is a digital remake of the painting:

All i remember is that it is the front of a shop in a big city (New York city i believe) and the horizontal silhouette is the shadow of someone walking on the pavement. The picture was in black and white.

If you recognize the picture, please let me know.
Thank you for any help.

(Sorry if the image is oversized)

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