nikon z6ii

  1. nerwin

    Squirrel was watching me

    Everytime I walk past this tree, he comes out and sits on this cut off branch. Its funny, so I had to go back inside and grab the only telephoto lens I had and took a picture of him...I got as close as I could physically without disturbing him. Nikon Z6II + Nikkor MC 105mm f/2.8 Watching by...
  2. nerwin

    1985 Nikkor AIS 50mm f/1.8 Pancake on the Nikon Z6II + Photos!

    I've always wanted one of these pancake lenses, they are super small and when I got this lens in mint condition that came with my Nikon N2000, I had to get an adapter to mount it on my Nikon Z6II and go shoot with it a little. I am very impressed with this lens for what it is, it resolves...
  3. nerwin

    Vermont Northern Lights - WOW

    I was just about to go to bed and I checked on my Instagram and somebody made story about the northern lights, I had no idea. So I went outside and checked the sky and my jaw dropped. I was STUNNED. I quickly ran back inside, grabbed the tripod, my camera and my 24-70..even my phone! I never...
  4. nerwin

    Ahh my nemesis, the Crocuses

    These little tiny purple flowers pop up every spring, when I see them I typically know warm weather is right around the corner. Not this week however since we are getting ANOTHER 2 feet of snow. But I managed to get out and take some photos of these little cute flowers before the snowstorm. Why...
  5. nerwin

    My first self portrait of 2024

    I haven't done a proper self portrait where I actually put some effort into it. It's been a rough part of my photographic journey where I am having a difficult time finding the inspiration and motivation. Anyways the other day I thought of a cool idea for a self portrait that I haven't done by...
  6. nerwin

    Low key lighting with Luke (my cat)

    I saw my cat, Luke sitting in the sunlight for a whole 60 seconds for me to take these pictures and thought it would be a good idea to do some natural low key lighting.
  7. nerwin

    Self Portrait Experimentation

    Just messing around with this cheap mirror having an attempt at being "creative". Haha. Nikon Z6II + Z 50/1.8 S
  8. nerwin

    A Road Less Traveled

    A photo that I been sitting on since October. I kept going back to this but couldn't figure out how I wanted to process the photo and today I finally came up with this and I'm actually pretty happy with it. Nikon Z6II + Z 24-70/F4 S A road less traveled by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  9. nerwin


    Well this photo may not be my strongest because its unconventional composition. I tried something different and perhaps this is just too "instagrammy" type of film inspired photo. I don't know. The reason I shot it this was because the light was in the worst spot, there was so many distractions...
  10. nerwin

    Stuck leaf

    Yesterday it looked like winter wonderland here. Very heavy wet snow fell which caused lot of outages. My power was out from 3am until about 9am. It was a crazy and stressful day but I managed to get out to take some photos. I know it's nothing special but I liked the way this leave was wedged...
  11. nerwin

    It snowed!

    Woke up to about 4 inches of heavy wet snow...power went out at 3:33am (perfect timing) and didn't come back on until almost 10am. But managed to get out to take photos, didn't get anything I liked that much but I liked the colors in this. Nikon Z6II + Z 50mm 1.8 S
  12. nerwin

    Found a Polaroid Land Automatic 100

    I been trying to collect some interesting cameras for fun, I don't have much intentions on using them unless they use film that's still being produced today. My goal is to find interesting cameras only while thrifting or yard sales/flea markets rather than just finding them online. It's gives me...
  13. nerwin

    My most recent autumn shots

    Figured I'll share a few of them here :) I was able to get out and do some nice walking this week on the backroads where I live and managed to capture some photos that I'm pretty happy with. I’ll Sit Here and Watch the Leaves Fall by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr Sugar House by Nicholas Erwin...
  14. nerwin

    Contax/Yashica adapter for Nikon Z Review

    It's been a busy last couple of months so I haven't spent much time here on the forums. Anyways I picked up this Yashica FX-2 at a flea market (more like a yard sale than anything) for $12 that I couldn't pass up. Came with a couple lenses too. The camera was in very rough shape but as you can...
  15. nerwin

    What does the fox say?

    I was chilling out on the couch and started hearing all the crows going crazy. I looked out the window and there was a fox just outside the door! Quickly grabbed my camera, the longest lens I got is my 105mm macro. But I made it work.
  16. nerwin

    My grandmother turned 80.

    I haven't touched my camera in weeks, I just haven't been inspired or motivated to take any pictures but since my grandmother turned 80 years old this past weekend, I decided to brush off my camera and try to document this excellent milestone. She may be 80 years old, but still goofy as ever or...
  17. nerwin

    Bizzare Sunset

    Okay well its not "bizzare" but not one frequently seen around here. This is due to forest fires from Canada making the sun visible with the naked eye. I live in a small country town as you can tell and it was funny to see people come out of their homes to photograph the sun going down. Someone...
  18. nerwin

    Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S Review

    I've had this lens now since last summer and I'll be honest it was kind of an impulse buy. Nikon frequently runs good sales on the Z lenses and this one was $150 off at the time so I snagged one up. I've always wanted to try this lens because I heard many mixed reviews about this time and I...
  19. nerwin

    Young Couple of Fiddleheads...

    It's that time of the year here in Vermont. Decided to use my hardly used 35mm 1.8 lens lol. Nikon Z6II + 35mm 1.8 S Young Couple of Fiddleheads by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  20. nerwin

    Just for fun - 50mm 1.8 S vs 35mm 1.8 S

    I was doing some lens testing betweens these too, nothing crazy but I was surprised how little difference there was. I'm a big fan of focusing up close with just about any lens because I feel like that's where the biggest differences are. I'm also trying to decide between them as I really don't...