Dense fog engulfs Patra


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May 10, 2013
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I know is nothing special as a photo.. but I was amazed by the phenomenon that never occurs to that extent on our area. Before I left for work I grabbed my camera for a couple of quick shots.

Dense fog engulfs Patra by JC Kars, on Flickr

I could only see one street away.. It was a WOW moment!
Yes, fog is an interesting and beautiful weather event. I would imagine it is even more extraordinary is a place like Greece. Thanks for posting!
Yes.. we most of the time have clear skies and good weather. Even the raining days seem clear. Views like this seem alien and "mystic" to us..
The whole top 1/3 of this frame serves no purpose. Too much empty space.
I fell in love with Patra!

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East or Western Patra?

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East I guess.. it is more central actually.

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