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May 10, 2013
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I've picked a couple of photos from my yesterday's walk that I've tried them with landscape and portrait formats, but I felt there was something wrong.. something wasn't there in the photo from the scene I initially saw. It is likely that I just didn't capture the photo good enough :p

Anyhow, I have changed to square format in the photos from landscape in the 1st and landscape/portrait full body shot in the 2nd. To my eyes this works better. Can you tell me your opinion on that?

Untitled by JC Kars, on Flickr

Untitled by JC Kars, on Flickr
hm... I don't thik square is a good choice for these, but that's just me:)

post other crops so we could compare
Now that I'm back home, I can upload the other crops for these two photos.

In #1 I did a landscape crop, since I want the couple at the back. I consider it an important element of the photo, thus I tried with the square format to make it more.. "visible"

In #2 I begun with a landscape and moved to portrait which I liked a little better... and then moved to the square format. Actually the portrait has an interesting leading line which I like, but the most interesting part to me was the harsh old face in contradiction with the soft baby teddy bears se displays.
So I moved to square here as well..



Well, above are the crops and the reasons I moved to each one..
What do you think? Are the initial better or the square ones work best for these photos?
Thank you for your opinion. One the #2 which rectangle most?
Like the rectangle on the first but would like the square on the street vendor if you didn't have the back of that guy in the shot. She has some real personality. Perhaps some strong PS.....to make him disappear.
I like square for both.

Not liking the larger crops.
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Both are square :) The 1st one is 2499x2499 full photo

Thank you for your comment
I think the square is definitely the better crop for the woman sweeping. No question in my mind.

The street vendor is actually quite flexible. It depends on what you show. The square is lovely and essentially works as a street portrait, highlighting just her. The landscape crop shows a wider context and then the picture become not just about her, but about her place in that world as well. The portrait orientation is somewhere in between. It is part portrait - just a wider shot that includes her body and clothes to add to her character - but it's also part commentary as she stands in contrast to the guy in the back, who (to me) provides the "new Europe" while she represents "old Europe."
I like the landscapes. In the Street sweeping one I like the mysterious opening / board as it is engaging, leads me to lady, then light shadow, and finally couple at end of alley. The framing is good too, wonderfully composed rectangular forms on front and rear edges. The street repair by curb really makes it work in the end. In my opinion, you nailed that the first time and thinking to much in post.

On toy sales lady (landscape), the two door openings and the pole lock her and viewer into the frame via triangle and you really can't get out because the guy forces you back in. The four vents are glorious and vibrating... well done.

I could paint either one with great confidence and passion. You have a very keen eye for framing, I am envious. I can tell you think about it. Very skilled street shooter. I learned a lot.

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