A few more street photos


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May 10, 2013
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Thank you for your comment
I do like the number 3 but what's blocking at the lower edge of the picture. It's a bit disturbing.
Yes it is unfortunately, but it couldn't be helped. This is a separator from the road the authorities have installed for public safety, since this weekend the city center roads have been used for kart races. There were many spectators to watch the races but always behind separators like this about 1m tall.
#1 for me, but it's overprocessed for a bit

the reason I like it is because the light is beautiful on the boy, you caught a nice moment
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, as I said..I went a bit more aggressive in coloring. It is a dynamic moment and I felt it would suit it. Unless your are talking about contrasty issues.
if it were mine I would chose bw for this one and edit a bit differently... there is noticeable noise on boys, some areas are almost blown out...
Great, makes me miss one of the coolest cities on the planet!!!

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Thank you very much. It is really nice to live here.

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